PartnerReady is a company built by and staffed with experienced partner leaders and executives, not consultants.  We are practitioner and operators who roll up our sleeves to develop your partnership & ecosystem stategies, and help you execute your channel growth.  We become a valuable member of your team as Fractional Partner Leaders™.

Forces Affecting The
Technology Industry and YOU

Numerous forces are affecting the technology industry, making Fractional Partner Leadership an attractive option. Many of these forces have existed before the spread of the worldwide pandemic, but COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on all factors.

COVID-19 is Forcing Employment Considerations

The spread of coronavirus has challenged all technology companies and service providers to scrutinize operating budgets, more carefully manage cash flow, and put thoughtful consideration on the role of the full-time employee (FTE) in workforce management. Skilled positions, mainly revenue growth-oriented roles, still require experienced experts. Many companies are shifting needed work to contractors, consultants, and fractional leaders to manage cash flow and hedge long-term commitments more easily.

Rising Customer Acquisition Costs

Even before COVID-19, it has been hard and costly for SaaS companies to acquire customers. There are 10,000's SaaS companies now, and all are selling direct to customers. Customers are experiencing vendor fatigue and confusion, which can lead to indecision and extra sales cycles. The competitiveness for client attention drives success rates down and the CAC (customer acquisition cost) higher. The last mile to the customer is critical, and there are indicators that partners and ecosystems will become increasingly important over the next five years in the SaaS space.

Growing Gap Between the Leadership Required and Budgets to Afford These Leaders

SaaS companies need experience in every leadership position, especially in the partner leadership role. Talented leaders are scarce and costly, putting their affordability out of the reach of earlier stage startups. Fractional leadership is becoming a popular option in many disciplines like marketing (Fractional CMOs) and finance (Fractional CFOs). Fractionalizing these roles provides affordable options for companies to bring experience into positions to accelerate evolution and growth. PartnerReady is using the fractional concept to bring experienced leaders to growing technology companies.

Interoperability is the new Currency

Things are changing and evolving so rapidly in the technology market. It is becoming increasingly important to have an agile architecture and mindset to survive & thrive. What ecosystem you are part of, and what ecosystem you build around your product will determine the difference between being mediocre, or becoming a market force. Lower cost, inexperienced partner managers who lead partner programs via tactical thinking are a severe disability for a company and its ability to navigate these increasingly complex waters. Companies need thoughtful leadership with experience.

Your Ability to Get Reach & Distribution Quickly is Becoming Critical

Now, more than ever, getting your product to market quickly and efficiently is mission-critical. Getting distribution and reach is a crucial need for any technology company. Fierce competition, impatient investors, and nowadays, geopolitical/socio/economic factors are at play. Companies no longer have time to experiment with unproven techniques and methods. Having a plan and an experienced factional leader at the helm who can rapidly and accurately navigate the waters is an investment that pays both short and long dividends.

PartnerReady helps you navigate these tricky issues. No BS, just execution done right.

We are your Guides

Numerous forces are affecting the technology industry, making Fractional Partner Leadership an attractive option. Many of these forces have existed before the spread of the worldwide pandemic, but COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on all factors.

We Make Partner Leadership Affordable

We fractionalize experienced partner professionals. A start-up may not be able to afford to have a high-level leader on staff full-time, but with fractional leadership, it is now possible to get his/her knowledge into a start-up. We like to say, “100% of the brain, at a fraction of the investment cost.”

Use Proven Methods That Work

We provide you deep experience and an incredible collection of proven methods, frameworks, and perspectives, plus a massive network of connections that can be tapped into. PartnerReady greatly increases likelihood of success and decrease risk versus using inexperienced operators or trying unproven methods.

We Bring Together Massive Experience & Expertise

We are assembling a global talent pool of experienced partner professionals to help you navigate these challenging times. We are committed to YOU.  Helping to get your partner & channel program off the ground quickly, smartly, and affordably to produce accelerated growth, increased reach, and driving a return on investment.

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