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We serve all sectors of the technology industry, globally.

Our Fractional Partner Leaders come from many different backgrounds and experiences across the technology industry. From traditional hardware/software channels to SaaS technologies and service providers of every shape and size.

PartnerReady is a global firm, so we have experience from around the world. When you work with our family of Fractional Partner Leaders, you are tapping into a matrix of expertise and a global network of connections.

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Brand New Partner & Channel Strategy.

Our Fractional Partner Leaders are experienced at building partner & channel programs from scratch. We have collectively spent decades in Silicon Valley and the tech industry globally, designing and launching partner programs that scale and grow businesses. If you want to build a brand new program or are not sure if you need to develop one, we will be happy to share our thoughts—no cost or obligation.

Refresh Existing Programs.

Sometimes things just don't work, that is the reality of life. Perhaps you have a program that worked for a while, but it seems to be sputtering now. Or maybe the program you launched is just not living up to expectations. Do not despair; there is good news. Our Fractional Partner Leaders are experts in refreshing, repairing, and revitalizing programs. You don't always need to "throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Our experienced professionals will assess your program, keep what is working, and make suggestions for improvement. Then we'll help you put that plan into action. That's the PartnerReady difference, experience not guesswork. Contact us for a free assessment. No cost or obligation.

New Country & Regional Expansion.

Are you a technology company that is looking to expand into new territories? One of the real advantages of PartnerReady is that we are a global firm with Fractional Partner Leaders in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. When you enter a market, it helps out to have someone on the ground who has local knowledge of the market, understands the local customs and practices, and can speak the language. Our Regional Expansion programs help your company make a smooth transition to fuel your growth. Our Fractional Leaders will craft the strategy, build and launch the plan, then make sure you have the team in place and trained to enable on-going operations—simple, straightforward, and turnkey. Contact us today about your expansion plans.

Leadership Transition Assistance.

It's a reality of the technology industry that people move from job to job. But when your senior partner leader departs, it puts an extreme risk on your investment, initiatives, and future revenues. Leader transition also puts your junior staff at risk of attrition due to a period of uncertainty. PartnerReady helps mitigate these risk factors by providing you critical leadership at a moment of real need. Our Fractional Leaders are seasoned, experienced executives who can rapidly join your team and shore up your partner & channel strategy. They will take firm charge of the program’s direction using the current plan, then he/she will help you develop a transition plan by assessing the types of leadership you will need to continue operations. We will even help you interview candidates. If you find yourself with an unexpected leadership gap, we will be there to help.

Emergency Leadership Gap Fills.

It happens. A key leader decides to take a job at another firm, leaving you with an unexpected gaping hole in your partner leadership. Your company is in the middle of rapid partner expansion, and your junior staff is running around without guidance. As a senior leader with your own responsibility, you don't have time to figure out the partnership execution as well. Who Do You Call??? Well no, not Ghostbusters...(although I am sure Bill Murray would be happy to help.) No, you call PartnerReady! Our experienced Fractional Leaders can quickly get in the door, assess the situation, and keep the team on track. While they are there, they will also look at your strategy and make suggestions for improvements. Who are you gonna call? PartnerReady!

On-Going Mentorship Program.

So what happens after one of our Fractional Leaders finishes their assignment and hands over the keys? Will you have that moment of fear thinking, "oh s***, now I need to keep this running myself?!?" Well, have no fear! Once we hand over the partner management to a permanent team, we have great options to keep us engaged with a mentorship role. Our Fractional Leaders know the strategy since they helped you build it, so they will do check-ins on progress and provide coaching and guidance.

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