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For seasoned partner executives, becoming a Fractional Partner Leader™ is the ultimate opportunity for freedom and variety.  At PartnerReady we are always looking for experienced, senior partner leaders and executives to join our growing Global Family of partner professionals.

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PartnerReady is a global organization of partner professionals who have held senior leadership and executive-level positions in technology companies and service providers.

We have pioneered a concept called “Fractional Partner Leadership™” in the technology industry.  In a Fractional Leadership role, our partner professionals divide up their time over a handful of clients, aka “fractionalizing”, benefitting both the fractional leader and the companies they serve.   Fractional Partner Leadership is very similar to concepts in other professional pursuits like marketing and finance. i.e. Fractional CMOs and Fractional CFOs.

By dividing their time, our Fractional Leaders get the freedom and excitement of working with multiple clients simultaneously, while having the ability to earn as much or more than he/she earned by working with one company. Our clients benefit by having the ability to afford an executive-level operator leading their partner & channel programs.

Leadership, Not Consulting

Our Fractional Leaders are NOT Consultants. We are “hands-on” extensions of the client’s leadership team, acting and operating as if we are an on-staff executive in the client’s company, albeit on a part-time basis.  We like to say that our Fractional Leaders work from the “inside-out” versus the “outside-in” that consultants experience.

Help Clients from Zero to Sixty!  Our goal in our engagements is to get a client from zero to a fully operational partner or channel program in a 12-18 month time frame. When we transition off a client they will have a fully operational partner program, active partners, and a completely hired and trained operational partner team.

Clients Win-You Win.  Our clients absolutely need our help. Effective partner & channel programs require knowledge from an experienced leader. But most early-stage companies cannot afford to pay for this experience. Now they can with Fractional Partner Leadership from PartnerReady. We cost-effectively strategize, design & launch partner, channel, and ecosystem programs.

Variety & Excitement

Variety is the spice of life. Fractional Leadership is an exciting role where you can enjoy the freedom of working with multiple clients simultaneously.

Legacy & Impact

Fractional Leadership is an opportunity to use your hard-earned skills and knowledge to help evolve the next generation of ecosystems and channel programs. Create a lasting impact.

Teamwork & Camaraderie

PartnerReady is a "Family".  We have created a team-oriented culture where you can share your expertise with colleagues, and learn from some of the world's best partner leaders.


A Family & Home

Being a partner professional can seem like a lonely job sometimes.  PartnerReady is a  place where your colleagues understand what you are trying to accomplish and appreciate your efforts.

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Opportunities for Your Career

Senior Leader Looking for Change

PartnerReady is a perfect opportunity for a senior leader looking to make a change.  Perhaps you are on the higher end of the earning bracket and the population of prospective employers is dwindling.  Or you want to spread your expertise and efforts over multiple companies simultaneously.  PartnerReady is also perfect for retirees who want to spend part-time working.  We provide maximum flexibility of your time.  PartnerReady makes a perfect career capstone.

Independent Consultant joining a Team

Let's face it, it is tough being out on your own as an independent consultant.   Many professionals who decide to take the consulting route do it so they can spend more time helping clients with the things they love.  However, they soon find out it is hard to balance the running of a business while serving the client. PartnerReady solves this dilemma by providing complete backend operations, a global brand to nest under, and a Family of supportive colleagues.

Is Fractional Leadership
Right for You?

This is about YOU. Your career. Your livelihood. We take that very seriously. PartnerReady allows you to focus on the thing you love... creating partner strategies and solving challenging problems for clients.

Here are times when you might want to be active in the Fractional Partner Leader program:

You are between roles, and you want to freelance. Plus, you'd prefer not to show gaps in your resume.   Becoming a Fractional Partner Leader might be a great move.  

If you eventually go back to a fulltime role, no problem. When you join the PartnerReady Family, you are always "Family"!

You're a multitasker.  You get bored with routine.   You no longer want to work for just one company at a time. The thought of working on multiple companies sounds appealing to you.  The ability to share your knowledge and skills over a handful of companies can be rewarding.  

Variety is the spice of life.

You are just seeking a change, and this is an excellent way to see what is out there in the world.  We are always amazed at the wide number of companies and opportunities that exist in the world once you get out there.  

As a Fractional Partner Leader, you will open your eyes to many new perspectives and wider your experiences and network even more.

You are looking for some part-time work or a side hustle that won't conflict with your day job. Becoming a Fractional Partner Leader is the ultimate gig economy job.

For those looking for less intense options, we will soon be offering mentorship roles with our new brand, the Partner Innovation Lab™. This will be a great side-hustle opportunity as well.

Let's face it, golfing every day can get old.  If you are retired, or soon retiring, you can still use the knowledge, skills, and network that you have built throughout your career and share it with the up and coming generations.  

The best part, PartnerReady provides you a complete operational support system so you get to do the things you love, without all the grunt work and drudgery that is part of every job.  

Fractional Partner Leadership from PartnerReady provides the ultimate part-time opportunity for retirees.

Congratulations!  You've had an exit or have been financially successful in your career.   You want to enjoy this newfound financial freedom, but at the same time you still want to be in the game, but just as a part-time engagement.

Becoming a Fractional Partner Leader is a perfect opportunity to continue to stay active in the profession that you love, and to keep your network alive and active.

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