A concept whose time has come.

The technology world is changing  requiring a flexible and cost-effective approach to growth.  Fractional Partner Leadership provides the best of domain expertise in partnerships, channels and ecosystems, but at budget-friendly pricing.  

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds...

What is Fractional Partner Leadership?

Imagine a world where you could quickly and easily tap into the expertise of experienced partner and ecosystem leaders to grow your business and extend your company’s reach?    A world where you could instantly gain access to new distribution and get to the "last mile" of the customer.

PartnerReady provides that world, giving you access to experience but at pricing levels that will make your CFO and board happy.

Fractional Leadership is taking the services of an experienced professional and breaking them into smaller chunks of time. The fractional leader is able to bring his/her expertise to your company on a part-time basis, typically spending one or several days a week with you and your team building and executing your partner strategy.  

By breaking time into smaller fractions, experienced leadership now becomes affordable for companies of any size.   You can now tap the brainpower and network of this talented individual, and he/she is able to earn a living working for several companies at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for you and the fractional leader.

In these complex, quickly-changing economic times, we understand the importance of providing value through a fast, flexible approach to building indirect revenues and ecosystem development.

Why Fractional Partner Leadership?

Fractional Leadership has been available in the marketing and finance specialty areas for many years (fractional CMO & CFOs).  Now for the first time ever, technology leaders can get fractional leadership in the critical areas of partnership & channel management.

Instant Talent
& Experience

PartnerReady helps you get off the ground quickly.  Our Family of experienced partner leaders are the "been there, done that crowd”, who know how to get the job done. We will assist in building your strategic blueprint, launch your program, and then eventually help you hire the team to do the long-term management.

Proven Methods
& Solid Support

PartnerReady’s leaders use proven methodologies that were crafted from decades of experience. We are experienced practitioners in the art & science of partnership strategy and execution, which means less guesswork and less wasted time for you. You enjoy a faster time-to-market and less required investment.


In today’s uncertain economic climate you cannot be too careful about where to allocate your budget or in your FTE commitments. When you hire a PartnerReady fractional leader you get expertise at a fraction of the cost of a fulltime leader, without the long-term overhead costs of hiring a fulltime employee.

Fractional Leadership vs. Consulting

How Fractional Leadership is a Different Concept

Extension of Your Leadership Team

The big difference between fractional leadership and consulting is that our fractional professionals become an extension of your leadership team. He/she is not there to give you advice, instead, they are there to be an operator alongside your other executives and leaders. As former senior leaders & executives, PartnerReady’s fractional leaders easily mesh with your existing leadership team.

Operators NOT Consultants

Our Fractional Leaders are not traditionally trained consultants. All of our fractional professionals are former practitioners who have operated in the trenches. When our leaders come to work, they roll up their sleeves and act in the same manner as any of your fulltime leaders. We are part of your team.  Unlike consultants, we are working from the "inside out vs. the outside in."

Proven Execution, Not Theories

The methods used at PartnerReady are not mythical or philosophical in nature. Everything we do has an express purpose and is designed to produce effective outcomes. We use the same tools and techniques that we have used for former employers to generate tens of millions in revenues, create reach and distribution, and have resulted in company exit events. As our client, you benefit from our deep operational experience. We expect nothing but excellence from ourselves when we work on your behalf, guiding you towards partnership success. When your company requires accelerated growth, PartnerReady’s experienced professionals quickly deliver practical, hands-on guidance.

Pro Tip of the Day.

Traditional hiring methods for partnerships are slow, costly, and full of risk. If you go through the executive search process of building your leadership team (provided you even have the budget to do so), you would first need to go through a scoping exercise “i.e. guessing” what skills a candidate should bring to the table. You then need to engage a recruiting firm to start the search for an experienced leader (who are scarce and expensive). After successfully finding a candidate, which could take several months, and pay the headhunter, this new leader now needs to ramp. By now you are many months down the road and have a lot of sunk costs.

When you hire a Fractional Leader from PartnerReady you get an almost immediate return on investment just by eliminating these sunk costs and wasted time.  You will be months ahead of schedule, and using our proven methods we greatly reduce your risk of failure. Fractional Partner Leadership, the faster way to jump start your indirect channels and ecosystems.
Hire a Fractional Partner Leader and Sleep Well at Night!

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