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Ed Sullivan

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June 29, 2021

PartnerReady takes the 1% Pledge

During these crazy days of 2020, we know that many people have had the opportunity to take a pause from the “Rat Race” and reflect. They have had the opportunity to sit back and think, “what is important to me?”, and “what exactly am I working for?” Of course, we all need the core essentials: shelter, food on the table, education for our children, and savings. But in these moments of reflection, many of us have now had the opportunity to question not only what is important but also: “where we want to live?”, “how do we want to work?”, “what things do I value?” Let’s face it, regardless of what you are working for, you are exchanging your most precious gift, TIME, for whatever monetary or intrinsic rewards you receive.

We have thought about these questions a lot here at PartnerReady. Of course, we are extremely passionate about our corporate mission of helping experienced partner leaders to bring their knowledge and expertise to technology companies through our Fractional Partner Leadership programs. It’s an extremely rewarding and valuable service we are bringing for both sides of the fractional transaction. However, we felt there was more that we could do for the communities around us. We asked ourselves a very basic question. “How else can we as an organization, pay it forward?”

Fortunately, as Salesforce alumni, we have learned and lived by the examples set by visionary leaders like Marc Benioff, who has set an ambitious and amazing example for the technology industry on how companies can give back. Salesforce has been a trailblazer on how to mix corporate commercial endeavors with benevolence and giving back to communities that surround your organization.


So today we're proud to announce that we have made the decision to join the “Pledge 1%” movement. We have committed to pledge 1% of our time, 1% of our resources, and 1% of profits to make an impact in the communities around us. We particularly want to give to a community that has supported us through our careers, the global partner professional community.  

For those who are not familiar with Pledge 1% we encourage you to go to to learn more. It is a wonderful organization that helps companies to organize their resources for the greater good. We are proud to build our pledge into the operating structure of our company. We're also encouraging the partner professionals who join our organization to likewise give back where they can, and will also ask our partner companies and other organizations within the greater partnership community to also consider how they too can mix some type of concept into their own businesses.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information about our initiatives that will stem from our organizational commitment. We are excited about the road ahead!

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