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Gregg McMullen

Posted on

August 1, 2023

Diving Deeper into the Value Chain of the Customer (VCOC)

What's the cornerstone of a robust go-to-market strategy? The secret lies in understanding and applying the Value Chain of the Customer (VCOC) methodology. This innovative tool guides CEOs, CROs, and other go-to-market leaders in tech companies to shift their perspective from only focusing on their products or services, towards the larger ecosystem encompassing their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This shift in strategic thinking is paramount to comprehending and satisfying customer needs more effectively, and optimizing business growth.

The VCOC isn't just another business jargon. It embodies a methodology that centralizes the customer within the entire business ecosystem, revolutionizing traditional business models. The VCOC provides a comprehensive approach that transcends beyond the product or service, delving into the customer's world, inclusive of various stakeholders, influencers, and elements that affect the customers' "job to be done."

When we mention the customer's "job to be done," we imply the task that the customer aims to accomplish or the problem they aspire to solve. Understanding this "job" in the context of its surrounding ecosystem is crucial to value creation and growth stimulation.

The VCOC methodology accounts for this context and reshapes your viewpoint from being product-centric to being ecosystem-centric. It's a tool that encourages a comprehensive understanding of your customer's environment. Through scrutinizing these facets, we obtain an in-depth insight into the customer's experience, which paves the way to identify gaps, opportunities, and potential strategic partnerships. 

The VCOC methodology isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a customized strategy built around your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). By employing this methodology, tech CEOs and CROs can gain profound insights into the unique ecosystem of their ICP, enabling them to offer a seamless, personalized experience catering to the specific needs of their ICP. This can significantly elevate the overall customer experience. In the coming weeks, we will delve deeper into this concept, the foundational pillar of our go-to-market strategy.

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