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Your goal as an investor is to find and invest in the opportunities that have the best chance of success. Once you make the investment, you give the portfolio companies every chance to succeed and increase the valuations.

Fractional Partner Leadership™ from PartnerReady is your secret weapon to help your portfolio companies. We have built a suite of resources to give your investments reach, distribution, growth, and interoperability.

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Technology Investor's Challenge.

You've invested in a company with the hopes and dreams that they will be the next unicorn. You want to earn a minimum 10x ROI. You need your portfolio companies to grow rapidly, predictably, all while reducing the risk and exposure of your investment.   That means you need your portfolio companies to be firing on all cylinders when it comes to go-to-market distribution and reach.

The direct channels are obvious and relatively easy to understand, but you need your leadership teams to explore all options for growth including partnerships and indirect sales channel. Starting partnerships can seem daunting, and partnership investment can be expensive, especially if not done right.

Fractional Leaders = Success.

Fractional Partner Leadership is similar to the concepts that you are likely familiar with in other professions, like Fractional CMOs and CFOs.   An experienced, "been there, done that" partner leader guides your portfolio company's leadership through the partner/channel strategy and launch process. This is not a consultancy. Our Fractional Partner Leader functions as an active member of your portfolio company’s leadership team.

Execution Experience Needed.

The solution is quite simple. To really take advantage of opportunities in the market, your portfolio companies need an experienced and capable leader to create and implement a realistic and powerful partnership plan. Not just any plan though, a plan that is designed to create exponential growth.

That is what a Fractional Partner Leader from PartnerReady can do for your portfolio companies.

Increased Success, Reduced Risk.

When our Fractional Partner Leader completes his/her mission you can be more confident that your investment is on the path for success. Your portfolio company will have a sound partner & channel strategy in place built from proven methodologies, a launched prototype partner program with engaged partners, and we even help a hire and train an operational team to carry out the on-going plan.

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