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As a Founder or CEO of your company, you have one of the hardest jobs in the world.  You need experts around you in every core discipline, but that is not always easy based on financial budgets and constraints.  You now have an option when it comes to partner & channel leadership, a Fractional Partner Leader™ from PartnerReady

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Today's Technology Leader Challenge.

It is not easy being a technology company Founder or CEO. You face enormous pressure from every conceivable angle, especially the need for exponential growth if you have taken venture money. Add to this the uncertainty of the economic and sociopolitical climate, and some days it probably feels like you are on an impossible mission.

The challenges of today’s world have made the growth imperative even more acute as traditional marketing and sales channels have stalled or dried up completely. One thing is always clear though. You need to grow your business any way possible.

The Partnership Dilemma.

Most technology leaders intuitively know that a partnership initiative has the potential to grow a business, but knowing how to do it or where to start is a huge issue. Lack of know-how or direction is a common problem.

This situation is compounded when each week a new whiz-bang “business development” or partnership idea floods into the company from both internal as well as external sources.  Every idea sounds like a sure-fire bet, a slam dunk, but without a plan or means of executing, most of these ideas lose steam and fall flat on their face.

Experience Needed.

The solution is quite simple. To really take advantage of opportunities in the market, your company needs an experienced and capable leader to create and implement a realistic and powerful partnership plan. Not just any plan though, a plan that is designed to work for your company and to ultimately serve the needs of your customer.

Your ideal leader also interfaces with your other departmental leaders to ensures that they provide the appropriate support for these new initiatives.  This takes an experienced individual who has been at the executive level previously and can command the respect and cooperation of his/her peers.

The Solution.

So where do you turn when you need to look at new options? You know you need an expert at your side, but you aren’t sure if you can find one, much less afford them.

What if you could tap into a world-class growth expert? A partner professional with years of experience who knows how to attack the challenges in your industry and can start right away?   A professional who not only brings his/her expertise but a complete supporting organization behind them.

That is what a Fractional Partner Leader from PartnerReady can do for you!

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