A Growth Imperative

As a Chief Revenue Officer, you have a big job to do and you have a lot of responsibility across many aspects of the company, including some areas that you have no experience in.  Your job is to grow your company “come hell or high water.”   COVID has done its best to disrupt that on you, but it is your imperative none-the-less.

You need to explore all avenues of growth, influence, distribution and reach, which means that your indirect sales channels and partnership programs need to come into focus.   So where do you turn when you need fast & effective partner leadership?   A Fractional Partner Leader™ from PartnerReady could be your answer.

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The CRO's Challenge.

Statistically, if you are like most Chief Revenue Officers you originally came from direct sales, a world you are likely very comfortable with. But now as a CRO, you are in charge of all revenue-generating activities, including marketing, sales, indirect channels/sales, and customer success.

Sales, Marketing, Customer Success. These can be pretty straightforward areas to manage and have some degrees of predictability.  But channels & partnerships, this is an area of expertise that keeps most CROs up at night.

The Partnership Dilemma.

In your gut, you know you need to explore all options for growth but the indirect channel is a different animal requiring special know-how.  Channel sales can provide explosive and exponential growth, but it has some unknown variables and can be less predictable since activities with clients are not always under your direct control. On top of that, an investment in partnerships & channels can be expensive, especially if not done right.

If you just got that gulp in your throat, you’re not alone. We hear the same concerns from many CROs that we speak with. But all is not lost, because you have a team in your corner that can bring order to this chaos.

Expert In Your Corner.

The solution is quite simple. To really take advantage of opportunities in the market, you needs an experienced and capable leader as part of your revenue team to create and implement a realistic and powerful partnership plan.  Not just any plan though, a plan that is designed to work for your company and to ultimately serve the needs of your customer.

The good news is you don't need to be an expert in indirect sales because you have a hired hand in a Fractional Partner Leader from PartnerReady.   We are in your corner to build a world-class program built from proven playbooks.   You're job and your bonuses are based on performance, don't take chances, call us today!

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