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Accelerator Objectives

Our goal is to work with each participant to teach them the principles of ecosystem strategies. Each week the participants will meet in a group session taught by one of our senior partner professionals.  Each week’s lesson will incrementally build a firm knowledge based on world class techniques.

  • To create an environment where tech entrepreneurs & leaders learn the skills needed to operate in the global tech ecosystem.

  • To take those applied skills to reach into markets to stimulate business and revenue. 

  • To create a platform from which participants can accelerate their business prospects, with education and hands-on mentorship from highly experienced partner professionals from across the tech industry globally.

Course Structure

Learn the principles of ecosystem strategy

12 week group training curriculum designed to teach the foundation principles of ecosystems and partnerships. Weekly 1 hour sessions delivered via Zoom.

Weekly 1:1 mentorship sessions led by an experienced partner professional to help you apply principals learned in group training to your unique business

Milestone approach including development of ecosystem/partnership target list, personal networking and introductions by the PartnerReady mentors

Ongoing support after the program ends with participation in a long-term ROI case study program.

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